Screws Over Sellers!

Hi guys, I figured as long as you needed the inside track on everything financial, you might as well learn about right here! They absolutely screwed me on this last deal so bad that it I had to post about it!

I will keep this short and simple as no drama is required to relate the story, it will speak for itself. 

1. A guy buys a functional but not pretty Ampeg SVT350H head from me and pays with reverb checkout. I ship the amp to him. He receives the amp a few days later. 
2. Guy proceeds to drop the amp off at UPS over and over so they have to redeliver it back to him a total of six times. I have attached images to prove this because it is so absurd. 

3. Guy ships amp back to reverb’s headquarters, not back to me even though I told him to ship it to me for inspection/refund. Keep in mind my listing said no returns unless the item was DOA. 
4. Reverb issues guy a refund (including his original shipping) and ships item to me. 
5. I receive the amp back totally damaged and destroyed, all pots pushed in, completely smashed, all destroyed including internals, box is soaked with oil. 
6. Reverb in all of it’s capacity tells me to screw myself in multiple emails and phone calls. There is no recourse on my end. Here is what this thing looked like:

TL/DR: Reverb issued a refund on my behalf when a buyer completely destroyed an amplifier. Before I even got the amp back. This entire affair took about 3 months from start to finish. Careful out there guys. Reverb will screw you too and the buyers know this so they have carte blanche to destroy your stuff and demand a refund!


Author: Financial Jiu Jitsu

Finance is a lot like a fight. You get hit, you hit back. These iterative strikes are easily interpreted as getting paid and shelling out your hard earned money. If you tussle often, which we all do in finance, it would behoove us to learn how to hold our own, would it not? I present to you your personal trainers, Dave and Don. Both of us are constantly learning new things about finance and we want to share our stories with you to help you out! Instead of blabbing on endlessly about 'how to invest your 1M' or 'why you should only take out jumbo loans for a reduced rate.' We realize that a lot of people interested in getting ahead do not have a huge amount of money just sitting around, nor would they need a huge amount of money to be happy. That's you right!? Well you came to the right site my friend, now lets get huge together and strangle some finances with our knowledge. On a more serious note, this site is where readers will come for a certain flavor of financial advice. These articles will also cover self improvement techniques and time management strategy. FJJ will be updated bi-weekly on Monday and Wednesday. The goal being to give our readers a steady stream of insight from 2 engineers who have a unique and relevant perspective of the modern world.

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