Think nothing is happening? Think again

Many of our more astute readers may have noticed that we have not been writing. Why is that? Well to be blunt, I am currently not super interested in writing for a site. Sorry the truth hurts. However, I am about to give you two pieces of gold that you may use as you wish. My hobbies include but are not limited to: Dota 2, playing in my band, and wasting time making money in an aging bull market.

Wait, that last hobby about the aging bull wasn’t there prior to the site reboot was it? That is correct. Without further adieu, here are the pieces of gold I have promised you.

A STRONG crude oil pattern is forming and will end in a few weeks come hell or high water. I suggest picking up highly leveraged OIL funds and protecting your downside with stop loss limits at about 5%. Good luck. Keep in mind, it could break out either way and the Saudi oil attacks last weekend were a fluke, but this chart speaks loudly for itself and on it’s own:



This next one is a doosy. It has been panning out since the downside in the 2008 recession. With the aging bull market and economic slowdown in focus, one would expect any major catalyst like to be fairly major news. And this one is coming hard and a bit slower than oil above:



This is copper. Yes you read that right, copper, the bellwether metal that people use to determine the state of the economy and predict recessions. Oft referred to as DR. Copper.  People believe in this so much that the commodity crunch and fear all throughout 2016 was supported by one dip to the lower level in this triangle pattern.

Need I say more? Yeah probably.

So here it is: with 2 major commodity patterns finishing within 6 months of eachother and a trade war in progress, this has the potential to shoot off a lot of sparks. Even though the copper pattern began long before the trade war did, you bet your ass that you will be reading news about how the trade war caused the copper breakout to the downside (if it is a downside and not a huge upside, which is possible.)

Again, you want exposure but you want to be safe on this one. AUTOMATED stop loss limits are the best for you!

How’s that for fixing boring Monday? Pretty good I’d say.


Disclosure: I/we have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Screws Over Sellers!

Hi guys, I figured as long as you needed the inside track on everything financial, you might as well learn about right here! They absolutely screwed me on this last deal so bad that it I had to post about it!

I will keep this short and simple as no drama is required to relate the story, it will speak for itself. 

1. A guy buys a functional but not pretty Ampeg SVT350H head from me and pays with reverb checkout. I ship the amp to him. He receives the amp a few days later. 
2. Guy proceeds to drop the amp off at UPS over and over so they have to redeliver it back to him a total of six times. I have attached images to prove this because it is so absurd. 

3. Guy ships amp back to reverb’s headquarters, not back to me even though I told him to ship it to me for inspection/refund. Keep in mind my listing said no returns unless the item was DOA. 
4. Reverb issues guy a refund (including his original shipping) and ships item to me. 
5. I receive the amp back totally damaged and destroyed, all pots pushed in, completely smashed, all destroyed including internals, box is soaked with oil. 
6. Reverb in all of it’s capacity tells me to screw myself in multiple emails and phone calls. There is no recourse on my end. Here is what this thing looked like:

TL/DR: Reverb issued a refund on my behalf when a buyer completely destroyed an amplifier. Before I even got the amp back. This entire affair took about 3 months from start to finish. Careful out there guys. Reverb will screw you too and the buyers know this so they have carte blanche to destroy your stuff and demand a refund!